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Singapore Food Shows Vouchers T&C

In the event that vouchers are issued for use in the event, please note:

  • The voucher(s) is valid until the date stamped on valid till field and must be duly stamped with an authorized stamp. The validity period is non-extendable.
  • The voucher(s) is  only valid within our signature shows – Food & Beverage Fair, World Food Fair and Yummy Food Expo.
  • The value of the voucher(s) is in Singapore Currency, non-refundable and cannot be replaced and/or accepted if lost, damaged, defaced, stolen, expired, and/or void.
  • This voucher(s) is accepted by most of the exhibitors at Singapore Food Shows with the exception of exhibitors from overseas such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea etc.
  • The original voucher(s) must be presented at the point of purchase. No photocopy allowed.
  • This voucher(s) may be used for purchases of an equivalent or lower value, or for purchases of a higher value, on payment of the differences.
  • This voucher(s), including any unused value, cannot be exchanged for cash, kind, or other denominations.
  • This voucher(s) may be combined with other valid Singapore Food Shows cash voucher of any quantity and denomination for a single purchase.
  • Singapore Food Shows (Organizer) shall not be responsible for any claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses and/or liability of any kind whatsoever suffered, arising from or in connection with such unauthorized use.
  • Singapore Food Shows (Organizer) reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


  • 美食券有效限期至盖章日期并持有官方印章才能使用。有效日期不得延期。
  • 只限新加坡美食展旗下的展会上使用:美食与饮料展,世界美食展, 美味饮食展。
  • 美食券面值为新币。不可兑换现金。如美食券遗失、受损、严重损坏、被盗取或失效,将不接受或/和替换。
  • 美食券能使用于大部份的美食展参展商除了国外参展商如香港、台湾、韩国等。
  • 原本的美食券必须在付款之前出示。复印本将不接受。
  • 美食券能够用在消费低于面值或付上差价就能用在高于面值上的消费。
  • 任何未使用的美食券金额将不可兑换现金。
  • 美食券能与其他面额的授权美食券同时一次性使用。
  • 如美食券因不正当使用而产生的任何争执、损失或不合理要求,新加坡美食展(主办单位)将不予负责。
  • 新加坡美食展(主办单位)将保留在任何时候,任何情况下修改使用条件的权利。


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(Last updated 14 July 2022)