New Exhibitors: Green Caviar, Borrowdale Free Range Pork, Craft Beer

This is not algae! It’s high in nutrition, crunchy in nature – the latest kid in the superfood block! And, featuring the high quality Borrowdale Free Range Pork that sizzles on the grill. Seasonal Craft beers that you may not heard of are now in Singapore. Unique taste and flavours, plus they are limited!

Giveaway: Meal Belly – Green Caviar aka “Sea Grapes”

Giveaway Period: 8 March ~ 12 March Have you heard of Meal Belly’s Green Caviar, the latest super-food that is taking over the world? This delightful gourmet ingredient has many wellness benefits. Read more about Meal Belly’s Green Caviar here. Meal Belly is giving away this simply goodness to 5 winners and each winner can […]