Our TOP F&B Fair 2023 Recommended Vendors

Heading down to Food and Beverage Fair 2023 next week at Singapore EXPO Hall 6 but not sure which vendors to look out for? Here are our list of those we recommend visiting this 16 – 19 March!

New Food Highlights

1) Ye Olde Cow – Booth K03






With a vision to make the “premium” food preparation technique of Dry-aging accessible to everyone, the popular food truck uses Black Angus beef combined with a light fluffy brioche bun, American sliced cheese bound together with freshly handmade sauces and done in the iconic smashed beef burger style with prices starting from $10.90. Also on offer will be a selection of beers and kombucha.

2) WTV Food – Booth H39

From sweet offerings such as Kaya-Lah, Nutty-Tella and Biscoff Crunch, to the savoury Parmesan Garlic Butter, the crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the- inside little balls of delight by Dochi Dochi will delight lovers of the QQ texture. They will also be offering a variety of bubble tea and home-brewed tea options. Be sure to drop by their booth to check out their exclusive deal and flavour only at the F&B Fair!

3) Whiskdom – Booth F43

Introducing Singapore’s first Teppanyaki sliced beef in a bagel at a special event- exclusive price, with flavour choices of Nacho Cheese, Truffle aioli or aburi Mentaiko aioli. Beyond bagels, the booth will also be offering their signature cookies, brownies, gelato and tater tots.

Promotion: Classic Ribeye Beef Bagel @ $8.90 (U.P $10.90)

4) Lemaq – Booth K23

Adding a modern twist to the traditional Kueh Jongkong cake popular with the Malay and Peranakan communities, the headlining creation will be served alongside other classics such as Roti Kirai lace pancakes, and chicken potato Rissoles.

Promotion: Jongkong / Roti Kirai / Rissoles for $6 (U.P $10). Limited sets daily & capped at 2 sets person!

Featured Snacks and Beverages

1) Majeton Pte Ltd – Booth H07

Gracious Goodness is a local snack brand that provides a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional snacks. Their products are made from all-natural freeze-dried fruits, with no added sugar and no preservatives, making them a guilt-free and nutritious choice for busy and adventurous people.

Promotion: 10 for $50 (U.P. $6.85/pack). Spin to win prizes at their booth.

2) Zenko Superfoods Pte Ltd – Booth C19

Healthy snacks that are gluten free, plant based, low in fat and low in calories yet very delicious!

New flavours: BBQ – Water lily pops and Peanut butter – Ancient Grain Clusters Promotion: 4 for $10

3) Greenleaf Food n Beverages Singapore Pte Ltd – Booth G29

Kuching-based Greenleaf Food & Beverages will be introducing their Borneo special drinks with flavours such as Teh C Special Caramel and Pandan & Coconut.

Promotion: Buy any 6 for $7 (U.P. $9)

4) AK Global Pte Ltd – Booth D25

Serious Pig – the perfect beer snacks born from a pub in London.

Promotion: 1 for $3.90, 2 for $6.90 (U.P $4.90 for 1)

Koko & Karma – the world’s first mindfully-made coconut water with boosted functionality.

Promotion: 1 for $2.90 2 for $4.90 (U.P $3.50 for 1)

Plant-based and Healthier Choice Options

1) Green Butchery Pte Ltd – Booth H31

Zhng It! – Made for both the curious and serious plant-based eaters, beef up (or leaf up in this case) your meals with our meatless dips and sauces, curated with just the right taste to give your food that extra oomph!

HerbYvore™ Plant-Protein is a versatile ingredient for plant-based recipes that do not compromise on the taste and flavours that you love. Use it to make vegan pesto, brownies, ‘meatless’ patties and meatballs, and so much more.

2) Monde Nissin Singapore – Booth F27

It’s easier to help the planet when it tastes great too. Explore’s Quorn’s delicious range of meat-free, nutrient dense products and make a change to your plate today.

Promotion: Spend $30 and receive a FREE Gift

3) EB Food Marketing Pte Ltd – Booth F13

Hoshay offers an exciting variation of plant-based food, ranging from Ready-to- eat, Western delights to Finger food.

Made with nutrient rich ingredients, now you can enjoy every bite with an extra kick of flavour without the guilt!

Promotion: 3 For $10 (1 for $5). Free Hoshay Cooler Bag with every $10 purchase.

4) IMI Lifestyle Products Pte Ltd – Booth A11

GoodSalt is a low sodium iodized salt that tastes like regular salt. The sodium content in GoodSalt is replaced by essential minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Lysine and Iodine. This powerful combination of minerals helps to protect users from LVH salt damage, maintain cardiac rhythm and lowers blood pressure. There’s no need to re- measure; you can use GoodSalt in replacement of regular salt in your daily cooking and on popcorn gram for gram!

Promotion: Quote “GSGC” to purchase a $10 GoodSalt set with free gifts

*All products, promos and booth numbers are subject to changes

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