5 Food & Drink Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Bae

With 14 February coming up, the Singapore Food Shows Team wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Every 14th is the occasion we readily celebrate and express love for our partner, family, or friends. If gift-giving is your love language, we bring 5 food and drink gift ideas for you to consider giving your foodie bae during this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

1. 13 Honey – 13 Honey Gift Pack (25g x 3)

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No Artificial Sugar. No Antibiotics. No Chemicals.

Not only does 13 Honey offer authentic honey that is harvested from their own farm, but it is also extracted using traditional methods known to be less harmful to the bees.

Their exclusive gift pack consists of 3 unique honey flavours — Apple Vinegar, Multifloral and Royal — with every pint at 25g each. This gift pack is a great choice if you are looking for something light yet also special, sweet and nutritious to give your foodie bae.

Support 13 Honey by getting yours here!

2. Poh Cheu Kitchen – Ang Ku Kueh Bundle

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Is your foodie bae a fan of traditional desserts? If so, consider getting them Poh Cheu Kitchen’s Ang Ku Kueh set!

Expect a variety of flavours as you get 2 pieces of Peanut, Green Bean, Salted Bean, Yam, Black Sesame Ang Ku Kuehs each. Not to mention, there’s also 5 pieces of Soon Kueh as well as Rice Cakes in the set. With so much to offer at $28, this is a pretty good deal because it’s also great for them to share with their loved ones and perhaps you could have it together too.

Order your set today here!

3. WTV Foods Pte Ltd – Assorted Sweets Box

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Whether we love doughnuts and mochi or not, surely most of us have eaten these two delicacies before but only separately on its own. Who would have thought of combining them like WTV Foods did? Their Dochi brings a donut crispness on the outside and mochi chewiness on the inside, giving a burst of sweet and savoury flavours with this combination.

If you are planning to get something for your sweet and savoury tooth foodie, their assorted sweets box is one to consider! It comes in 5 different classic and premium flavours — Kaya-Lah, Maple Osmanthus, Biscoff Crunch, Oreo Bomb, and Nutty-Tella — including 2 pieces of each flavour.

What are you still waiting for? Get yours here!

4. Awfully Chocolate – 6 Pcs Gorgeous Truffle Collection

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Even after so many years, chocolates remain a popular gift choice for Valentine’s Day. It just goes to show that giving them to your beloved foodie can hardly go wrong.

If you are looking for a super safe yet extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift, check out Awfully Chocolate’s all-new limited edition 6 pieces Gorgeous Truffle Collection made specially for this occasion! Their artisanal chocolate truffles come in 8 new flavours that include passionfruit, earl grey and many more.

Your friends, family and partner will appreciate it, so get yours here!

5. The Dark Gallery – Artisanal Bonbons

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This is the gift to get for the dark chocolate lovers out there! A treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate, indulge in The Dark Gallery’s artisanal dark chocolate bonbons that consist of 9 unconventional flavours from Earl Grey Peppermint to Toffee Sea Salt. Though different and colourful in its own ways, each bonbon flavour has 66% dark chocolate shell coating them.

Get your hands on the artisanal dark chocolate bonbons here!


We hope you find these gift ideas useful and that choosing something to give your loved ones from this list this Valentine’s bring a smile to their faces!

Some of them will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Food & Beverage Fair 2023 at Singapore EXPO Hall 6 from 16 – 19 March. Admission is free, so we look forward to seeing you there! You can also register your interest to attend here.

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