10 Foodie Resolutions to Make This 2023

Surely in some way or another, most of us tried to stick to our New Year’s resolutions that we came up with earnestly or on a whim. Be it to cook more at home or reduce food waste, making these goals will get you started. So foodies, are you ready to kick off your New Year’s resolutions and make them happen? The Singapore Food Shows team brings you 10 foodie resolutions to make this 2023, have fun!

1. Attend food events

If you are looking to satisfy your cravings or buy till you drop all in one location, consider attending some of Singapore’s food events like our very own annual food shows Food & Beverage Fair (coming up in March 2023!), Yummy Food Expo (June) and World Food Fair (September).

The best part? You get to enter free of charge and enjoy exclusive deals only available at our food shows! Even better, be the first to be notified on our latest updates as a visitor by registering your interest in our Food & Beverage Fair 2023 here.

If you are also by any chance an F&B vendor with a great food or drink product to showcase, make your 2023 resolution come true by joining us as an exhibitor at the upcoming Food & Beverage Fair here!

2. Eat more healthily

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Aspiring to become a more confident and happier you? Eating more healthily can help you accomplish that, but it is easier said than done.

As the saying “Small changes can make a big difference” goes, try start small by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, or get a taste of health supplements from certified brands like All Link Medical & Health Products and Ascendas Import & Export Trading for a boost if needed.

However, you should by no means entirely substitute supplements for healthy eating.

3. Try out different exotic food

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Most people typically find exotic food “gross”, “strange” because of its often repulsive appearance, taste, or smell.

When it comes to exotic food in Singapore, turtle and frog meat may be some of the delicacies that come to mind. If you dared or are keen to try this delicacy, will you dare to try other exotic food like Vietnam/Phillippines’ fertilized duck eggs, Egypt’s fried cow brains or Iceland’s rotten sharks?

It definitely is not for everyone, but as someone who has tried a fair amount locally and overseas, trust me: you will slowly appreciate and be more open to trying other exotic food once you take that first step.

4. Reduce food waste

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Let’s admit: most of us had wasted food at some point in our lives, including myself.

Instead of leaving food till it’s spoiled or throwing it away once nobody feels like eating it anymore, why not share or donate your unused/excess food to someone else? Here at all our food shows, we also promote the #SFSGoesGreen campaign where we encourage our visitors to bring their own recycles to dabao food! Cooking something new with your leftovers is also another option since there are many such recipes found online.

Even if it’s a little, gradually reducing food waste in your everyday life goes a long way.

5. Create / Recreate a recipe from scratch

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Unleash your creativity and hone your cooking skills by attempting to create or recreate a recipe from scratch! In times of need, remember Google is our best friend.

Why not also take this chance to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different cuisines, cooking styles, ingredients you may or may not have tried to use before?

6. Aim to cook more at home 

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Stick to homemade meals whenever possible. Meal preparation can take up a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to be like the ones served at fancy restaurants. In fact, it can be made simply from pre-packed food that will be sold at F&B Fair 2023 by brands including Bluestar Marketing, Sing Long Foodstuff, and many more!

Not only can you save money by opting not to eat out, but you can also save the earth as you reduce the amount of plastic usage from dabao-ing food outside. 

7. Participate in a gourmet tour

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Keen to go on a gastronomic experience discovering the different flavours of cuisines from around the world? You may want to consider going on a gourmet tour — one of Singapore’s leading travel agencies, ASA Holidays, will be coming to F&B Fair 2023 offering travel food packages, so don’t miss this opportunity if you are keen!

8. Take part in a food challenge with your loved ones

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Are you up to take part in a food challenge? We invite you to come down to F&B Fair 2023 to join us on stage together with your loved ones! More details regarding our stage programme activities will be announced nearer the event date.

9. Bond with your loved ones through food more

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Do you know what’s the power of food? It connects and brings people together, creating stronger bonds between one another.

Bonding with your loved ones through food can be as simple as sitting down to have a meal together. Perhaps you can start planning group dinners with your family, friends or partner on days everyone is free.

10. Join our F&B Fair Food-Fluencer Campaign

Hungry to create mouth-watering content and earn $200 spending credits to eat free food? Applying to be our official Food-Fluencer at our upcoming F&B Fair 2023 will give you just that!

Visit our socials or webpage here to find out how — come join before we close submissions on 12th January 2023, Thursday 11.59pm.


We hope you find these resolutions useful and inspire you to achieve new foodie goals this year. Be sure to share them with your foodie friends as well!

Also, don’t forget to head down to Singapore EXPO Hall 6, from March 16 to March 19 for the Food & Beverage Fair 2023. Admission is free, so we look forward to seeing you there!

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