Top 3 Immunity Boosters

Can’t seem to find enough immunity foods?

Fear not, here are our Top 3 recommendations for a immunity boost,

#1 13 Honey’ Propolis Ousia

In need of better immunity during this hectic period?

Your best friend for the upcoming days will definitely be Propolis Ousia. It is a natural “antibiotic” and filled with healing properties.

If you didn’t know, Propolis is obtained from the beehives’ linings, meaning that it served as the defence system to beehives.

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#2 All About Goodness’ N-Choice Healthy Yam Meal’s 15 grains

Say goodbye to unhealthy instant foods!

Simply add water and this tasty and nutritious yam gruel will be ready to eat.

Made out of mainly healthy yam, black rice, alpha rice powder and black sesame, it is an ideal and effortless breakfast option for the young and old.

Additionally, each serving contains only 100 kcal – a fantastic meal replacement for those who wish to maintain stricter diets.

It helps in improving one’s memory and learning abilities as well.

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#3 All Link’s Essential Of Cordyceps

Ever heard of Cordyceps?

It is a well-known and valued traditional Chinese medicine. It is a fungus (Cordyceps sinensis) that grows on the larvae of the caterpillar. Cordyceps has been used as a healing fungus in China for thousands of years.

Cordyceps has a strong ability to strengthen the lungs and support the respiratory system.

It is a great tonic for anyone that needs a boost of energy or for those who get sick easily.

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