F&B2019: Savour Mala Delights, Mao Shan Wang Mochi and many more!

Time to reveal even more #newfood!

With so many #newfood to try, which ones should you start first?

Here are our recommendations,

Golden Moments’s Golden QQ Balls (Booth K25A)

The Golden QQ came in a box shaped like a gold bar, exuding elegance and prosperity.

These chewy balls had bamboo charcoal skins dusted with a touch of 24K gold powder, similar to its signature mooncakes. With a sticky mochi-like texture, the balls also came with a rich and creamy durian puree inside.

Read more on: https://sethlui.com/golden-moments-golden-qq-durian-balls-singapore/#ixzz5hqJA1T00

DODO Express (Booth K35)
Grab and go with the all-new DODO Express!
Lack of time? Grab and go delicious and piping hot seafood treats such as premium fish ball, tempura prawn, cheese tofu fish cake and other ready to eat meals. Enjoy DoDo’s products can now be enjoyed at great convenience.
Show Promo: 1 x Tempura Prawn for $2.50, 2 x Premium Fishball 2 for $1.50 
Juewei Singapore’s Mala Delights (Booth E39)
JUEWEI Singapore is famed for its tantalizing fresh braised mala snack bites.

Make sure to try their extensive range of mala flavoured braised duck parts, vegetables and seafood that are freshly made every day. Popular braised duck parts include duck neck, duck tongue and many more.

Exclusive Show Promo: 30% Discount for all Juewei products 

Topseller’s TAJ Basmati Rice (Booth H53)
Bored with normal rice?
Taj Basmati has a rich nutty aromatic flavor that is unmatched. It expands at least 1.5 times when cooked, and it is longer, lighter and fluffier than standard white rice, and does not stick together. The long, pure, slender grains have a delicious taste and delicate texture.
Choose the healthier option with this low GI Rice.
Exclusive Show Promo: 2 Packets of 1kg TAJ Basmati Low GI Rice at $6 (U.P $4.80)
Tofu Eating Competition (我最爱吃豆腐比赛)
A super tofu fan? Have super sensitive tastebuds that can differentiate every tofu?
Sign up in this link and stand a chance to win a bar fridge and one year worth of tofu!

Spend & Win

Collect all your receipts and stand a chance to win over $35,000 worth of cash vouchers and prizes! The more you spend, the more you win, simple!

Spend $50-$99 = 1 Chance

Spend $100 – $149 = 2 Chances

Spend $150 and above = 3 Chances

  • Receipts must be used on the same day.
  • Combined receipts accepted.
  • Maximum 3 chances.
  • Other T&C applies

Admission is free so mark your calendars and head down!

Food & Beverage Fair 2019

21st March to 24th March (11am to 10pm)

Singapore Expo Hall 5

Facebook/Instagram: @singaporefoodshows

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