Immerse in the Spirits of Chinese New Year with our Hurom Giveaway!

Looking for a good juicer? Check out our Chinese New Year Giveaway – giving out Singapore’s Number 1 Slow Juicer.   Hurom Slow Juicer HP Series  Ever used a slow juicer? The slow juicing technology will allow the consumer to get the most flavor and nutrients out of their fruits and vegetables. The Hurom’s HP Series is able to yield a low-speed auger squeeze with every freshness drops of juice. Cleaning is also made easy as there are no sharp blades, during juicing the inner spinning brush rotates and clean the chamber and strainer as to reduce clogging.  Notable features include,
  • The slow rotational speed of 43 rpm
  • 350-milliliter chamber capacity
  • Double-edged, high-strength auger
  • Versatile juice cap for convenience
  • Fine Strainer for separating solid materials from the juice
  • Low-noise, low-vibration AC motor
Click here to participate in the giveaway now! Giveaway ends on the 11Feb2019. 
Singapore Food Shows reserves the right to amend any T&C. 


Food & Beverage Fair 2019

21 – 24th March 2019 (11am to 10pm)

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