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Having trouble finding healthy food options?

Check out All about Goodness (Booth K21) for a wide variety of healthy Authentic Korean food products from Citron Tea, healthy yogurt, laver snacks and many more!

Here are our recommendations:

Dooraeone’s Honey Citron Tea

Stay refreshed with an uplifting cup of Dooraeone’s Honey Citron tea!

Enjoy the citron tea as an energy bolster or as your daily immune defence. Citrons are higher in vitamin C than most fruits like oranges and lemons and are effective in combating colds.

These rousing jars of sliced citrons are blended with honey and can be readily enjoyed with a spoonful scooped and mixed with water. The concentration is 100% natural juice with no added preservatives.

Make sure to check out their new flavour Citron Ginger! Other flavours include Citron, Aronia and many more.

Purchase a bottle (1kg) of delicious Dooraeone at $12.90 or $22 for 2 bottles (U.P. $15.90)

These products are halal certified.

N-Choice Healthy Yam Meal’s 15 Grains

Looking for a healthy meal option?

Simply add water and this tasty and nutritious yam gruel will be ready to eat.

Say goodbye to unhealthy instant foods and replace them with N-choice’s Healthy Yam Meal’s 15 grains. Made out of mainly healthy yam, black rice, alpha rice powder and black sesame, it is an ideal and effortless breakfast option for the young and old.

Additionally, each serving contains only 100 kcal – a fantastic meal replacement for those who wish to maintain stricter diets. It helps in improving one’s memory and learning abilities as well.

Available in different sizes – 30g, 300g, 600g, 960g.

Prefer fruity flavours for breakfast? Give Yogu Yogu Yogurt snack a try!

Containing freeze-dried blueberry and sunflower seeds, savour its fresh, sweet, nutty taste and crispy texture when eaten. Other flavours include tasty strawberry.

Yogu Yogu Yogurt is available in two convenient packaging.

Test Kitchen’s Jujube Crackers

Looking for vegetarian options?

Check out these tasty crackers made of wheat grown from rich soil combined with sun-kissed jujube!

Test Kitchen’s Jujube crackers are natural handmade crackers that are allergy-friendly. They contain no artificial additives, eggs or milk. A subtle tingle of sweetness will spread throughout your palate as you bite into the Jujube fruit bits in the crispy cracker. A perfect match with tea and ice-cream!

Test Kitchen’s Jujube Crackers is vegetarian certified.


Fudi’s Body Confidence Diet Jellies

One of the best tasting diet supplements you can ever find!

Be more confident with Fudi’s easy and convenient diet jellies.

Made from mainly Garcinia Cambogia extract, it is an ingredient that will help your weight loss. It boosts fat-burning rates and cuts back on our appetites. Comes in an easy, quick, portable jelly stick, you can consume it anywhere like a snack!

Fudi’s Body confidence diet jelly range includes unique flavours such as Lemon and Calamansi which give you a refreshing zesty burst when eaten.

Advice: With a little exercise, the effect of the diet jellies will increase exponentially.

To be eaten once a day, before meal.

Fudi’s Full Body confidence diet jellies are Diet functional healthfood from KDA and safely produced by GMP facility.  To be eaten once a day, before meal.

Gwangcheon Samwon Food’s Traditional Roasted Laver

Conveniently enjoy your food with the addition of healthy traditional seaweed!

This seaweed is rich in taste and flavour. Treat your taste buds to a sweet and aromatic taste when eaten!

Seasoned with sesame and vegetable oil, these thin and crispy sheets of laver make a finger licking low calorie snack. Eat it straight from the packet or shred the sheets to garnish meals such as noodle or rice dishes, or use like Japanese nori sheets to wrap around Korean or Japanese onigiri rice balls.

Gwangcheon Samwon Food’s Traditional Roasted Laver is currently a popular snack that is exported to USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on.

Samwon Food’s Laver Snack

Prefer a more intense flavour?

Savour strong flavours such as traditional Korean Kimchi and Curry!

Made from the seaweed grown in clean waters of the West coast of Korea, enhance your meal to become more tasty and flavourful. It is also high in nutritional value, boosting your daily intake of healthy nutrients.

The Kimchi Laver snack is not recommended for those that are not used to eating spicy food.

Started in 2004, Coeus Vigor Pte Ltd seeks to bring high quality and nature-based Korea Health & Lifestyle products to their consumers. Inspired by nature’s bountiful effects, we are dedicated to introducing innovative products from Korea that will help to improve life vitality and beauty. We are proud to represent a curated range of best-in-class nutritional food and beverages, ethical beauty and lifestyle products. Through us, we take consumer discovery to the next level, helping to bring in beneficial products to Live Life with Goodness.


Coeus Vigor Pte Ltd

6316 5465

World Food Fair 2018 (Booth K21)


Located at 56 Kallang Pudding Road #07-03 HH@Kallang Singapore 349328

Opens Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

*Health benefits of each product varies per individual.


Spend & Win

Collect all your receipts and stand a chance to win over $35,000 worth of cash vouchers and prizes! The more you spend, the more you win, simple!

Spend $50-$99 = 1 Chance

Spend $100 – $149 = 2 Chances

Spend $150 and above = 3 Chances

  • Receipts must be used on the same day.
  • Combined receipts accepted.
  • Maximum 3 chances.
  • Other T&C applies

Admission is free so mark your calendars and head down!

World Food Fair 2018

30th August to 2nd September (11am to 10pm)

Singapore Expo Hall 5

Facebook/Instagram: @singaporefoodshows

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