Save daylight with pre-packaged culinary delights!

Always feeling that there is not enough time?

Eat conveniently and deliciously with our full list of tasty pre-packaged culinary delights, getting the best out of two worlds, saving time and your tastebuds! Here are some of our recommendations:

The Noodle Factory’s Cubie Crispy Noodles (Booth F53)

Easy Cooking, Easy eating!

Cubie’s Crispy noodles are packed in creative forms of miniature cubes, absorbing the broth at a much faster pace. This allows for easier and more convenient controlling of eating portions. Avoid creating a mess of breaking up big chunks of noodles. Just drop in one, two, or three Cubie for a quick and delicious meal! Extremely suitable for any hotpot session.

Cubie Crispy noodles are Halal, preservative & colouring-free, suitable for vegetarians.

Their promotional goodie bag is available at $10 which contains Cubie Hotpot items that is packed in a limited edition Tote Bag. Free sampling available at booth.

Redwagon’s Hakka Chilli Noodles (Booth G5 & G7)

Voted No. 1 in taste in both Taiwan and USA!


Launching exclusively for the first time in Singapore, check this gem out from Taiwan! Introducing their Best Selling flavours worldwide – Hakka Chilli & Mandarin Original noodles, try these easy to eat & tasty noodles now!

Free sampling available at booth. 

Eu Yan Sang’s Healthy Boost (Booth G01)

Boost your general health and immune system!

Trusted brand Eu Yan Sang presents the Best Seller of the Month – Traditional Black Boned Essence, a nourishing tonic that gives an unbelievable energy boost! Also, a wide selection of other tonic are available too, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, American Wild Ginseng and many more! It lifts your spirit and helps to revitalize your daily life effortlessly, strengthening your immunity as well.

Eu Yan Seng is having an insane sale, it’s a MUST to check them out!

  • Barbary Wolfberry Fruit is going at 2 for $38 (U.P. $51)
  • Traditional Black Boned Essence of Chicken at 20% OFF (U.P. $27.90) *best selling product of the month*
  • American Wild Ginseng – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (U.P. $968)

Don’t miss them! 

Hock Hua’s Good Lady NutriMix (Booth B17 & B19)

Take a look at 22 Complete Nutrimix, an all-in-one daily solution for fibre, protein, calcium, vitamins, and mineral intake!

With 22 ingredients embedded in, such as red rice, almond, black soybean, wheatgrass and to even Oat Bran powder, 22 Complete Nutrimix makes nutrientional eating hassle free for you and your family!

22 Complete Nutrimix only uses fructose as their sweetener.

Buy 4 & get a Golden Cow Birdnest (75g), a Good Lady Thermal Flask & a Good Lady Trolley bag FREE! 

While Stock Last, promotion may vary due to availability.

Lee Foods’ Banana Chips (Booth E05)

Need some munchies but still conscious about your diet?

Check out Farmers Selection’s delectable Banana Chips that are crispy and sumptuous! Selection includes Spicy BBQ, Seaweed & Corn Cheese flavours. Made 100% from real bananas, these are gluten-free, non-GMO and more healthy as they are cooked with bran rice oil. This is the best guilt-free way to enjoy a satisfying snack.

Selling at 1 for $2.50, 3 for $5, 6 for $9, don’t miss the exclusive promotion! 

Spend & Win

This year marks our 15th anniversary, and to show our love for all our loyal patrons, Food and Beverage Fair 2018 is giving away fantastic prizes. Collect all your receipts and stand a chance to win over $35,000 worth of cash vouchers and prizes! The more you spend, the more you win, simple!

Spend $50-$99 = 1 Chance

Spend $100 – $149 = 2 Chances

Spend $150 and above = 3 Chances

  • Receipts must be used on the same day.
  • Combined receipts accepted.
  • Maximum 3 chances.
  • Other T&C applies

Admission is free so mark your calendars and head down!

There’s more to find out at Drink-Up! Beverage Fest!

Food & Beverage Fair 2018

15 to 18 March (11am to 10pm)

Singapore Expo Hall 5

Facebook/Instagram: @singaporefoodshows



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