Bottoms Up at Drink Up! Beverage Fest 2018

As the name suggests, Drink Up! Beverage Fest is the anticipated all NEW beverage fest featuring beverages all around the world including Korea, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and many more! It offers a wide selection of tea, beers, spirits, wines, creative mixtures and even energy drinks! Suitable for all age groups.

Here are some of our recommendations:

E&A’s KeCha Fruity Flora Tea Series (Booth K13)

Have you ever tried drinking a rainbow?

Featured widely in local food blogsphere, a concept beverage kiosk originated from Taiwan, brings you fruity teas to milk series​. ​Get your beverage in stunning colours served in beautiful and reusable bottles. 

Their signature drink “My Secret Garden” is a must-try beverage as it combines 3 different types of flowers and alluring rosebuds. Mixed with apple juice and soda, it is absolutely refreshing! Other unique flavours include Wander Garden, Lychee Summer, Passion Blue, and Mystery Dream.

Remember to watch your beverage’s colours transform at KECha’s Booth!

Sejong Brewery’s Refreshing Banana Makgeolli (Booth E21)

Go banana with light, sweet & refreshing Sejong Banana Rice Wine!

Made with Korea Premium Incheon Rice at Sejong Brewery, it can help to aid which can aid digestion, improve immune function and slow the ageing process. It is extremely suitable for alcohol beginners and tastes even better with spicy food when chilled.

FREE Banana Makgeolli upon any purchase of $60! (U.P $12.90)

Partea’s Refreshing Fruit Tea (Booth J09 & J11)

Try having REAL FRUIT in your tea! 

Partea brings a NEW experience of drinking tea and eating fresh fruits at the same time! It is wonderful thirst quenchers with a nutritious boost.

Try their all-time favorite Rainbow Tea, Gaoshan Oolong tea with a variety of sliced fresh fruits. Not forgetting Fluffy Cloud Tea, brewed tea with a snowy layer of mild cheddar cheese cream that injects a light salty touch into the flowery tea.

Every purchase will give you a chance at Partea’s ‘Spin the Wheel’ to walk away some great prizes!

GOshot Energizing Drink (Booth J25)

Get a much-needed energy and mental boost for up to 6 hours with GOshot.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, the grape flavoured concoction is perfect for you to hit peak performance anytime and anywhere! Test your focus and aiming skills at GOshot’s Darts Games contest simply by getting a drink. Be the highest score sharp-shooter and stand to win vouchers and GOshot prizes!

GOshot Dart Challenge
Simply buy a GOshot drink to enter! Each person will be given 2 games with 3 darts each.  Winners can get to redeem up $10 OFF GOshot voucher or a FREE GOshot bottle! The top scorer of the day will walk away with another box of GOshot.

Vegan Specialty’s Healthy Milk Beverages (Booth J27)

Delicious and healthy!

Taste their Almond milk freshly squeeze from 100% California non-GMO whole almonds, or try their Matcha Green Tea Walnut milk for rich source of brain and heart-healthy fatty acids. Another one-of-a-kind Pistachio Milk with mile but rich and distinctive flavour of non-GMO pistachios with cashew blend. All 137℃ milk contain nuts, suitable for lactose intolerant, vegetarian and they are Halal certified.

180ml: $2/pack, $5 for pack of 3 (U.P. $3/Pack) 

1 litre: $7/pack, $20 for pack of 3 (U.P. $9.80/Pack) 

Singpol’s Polanin Beer (Booth J15)

Polanin Lager is characterised by its light golden color, natural aroma and a hint of refreshing bitterness.

On the other hand, Polanin Pilsner combines a uniquely deep taste, a distinct bitterness of the finest hops with a beautiful golden color. Polanin beer is well known for its flavours, colour, aroma and its use of natural ingredients! 

Additional 5% discount when you purchase more than 1 carton. Free sampling available at the booth.

POLANIN BEER Speed Drinking Challenge
Able to down a bottle of beer within seconds? Here is a challenge just for you! Simply drink one bottle of 330ml POLANIN beer in the shortest amount of time! Winners will win a pack of 6 bottles of POLANIN beer or even a carton of POLANIN beer.  The results will be recorded on the score board.

Hock Hua’s Sweet Moscato D’Asti (Booth J01)

Perfect for all wine lovers!

Hock Hua Wines have established themselves in the industry with more than 30 exclusive labels from more than 6 regions around the world. Most of these family-owned vineyards employ traditional methods of cultivation and wine production, keeping their yield low but harvesting quality grapes which go into making excellent wines.

At only $99.00 per case!

*1 case contains 6 bottles.

DingDongShake’s “Souper Drink” (Booth K15)

Vegan Friendly Drink with no pork, lard, additives and coloring.

Delectable Ding Dong “Souper” drink includes (From left to right) Incredible hoax, Bump-A-bee, I-fada & STORM. Made with only organic and fresh fruits, it gives a unique zest to your tastebuds. Try this special treat soon!

1 FREE Topping for every bottle bought ($6.50/bottle) 

Admission is free so mark your calendars and head down!

There’s more to find out at Drink-Up! Beverage Fest!

Food & Beverage Fair 2018

Singapore Expo Hall 5

15 to 18 March (11am to 10pm)

Free Admission daily


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