New Exhibitors: Green Caviar, Borrowdale Free Range Pork, Craft Beer

It’s the 14th edition Food and Beverage Fair this year and our first food show in 2017 is rolling out in less than 35 days. While we welcome our popular exhibitors from last year, we are certainly excited to introduce some of our newcomers this year.

Meal Belly (Booth G9)

Meal Belly is constantly appearing on the newspaper because they launched their new flagship product Green Caviar in Singapore last December and is taking Singapore’s superfood by the storm. It has quickly become the food trend in the plates of common households.

The Green Caviar, also known as “sea grapes” due to its resemblance to a cluster of miniature green grapes, is a type of seaweed harvested in Japan, Okinawa and other Asian regions such as Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.

According to Dirisa Tan, owner of Meal Belly, there are many wellness benefits in the Green Cavier.  It can help to strengthen bones and joints, prevent hypertension and diabetes, generate beautiful skin and silky hair. Not only this, it also contains Fucoida, a natural food compound that has a proven potential to eliminate cancer and disease-causing cells.

Green caviar is packed with goodness; it provides you with a significant dose of vitamin A and C, as well as minerals like calcium, potassium and iodine. These help keep your skin radiant, your hair silky-smooth, and your immune system healthy. And it is low in calories too!

Beside the high nutrition values, the Green Caviar is famed as an Okinawa delicacy. It is refreshing and comes with a crunchy texture and versatile nature. Easy to prepare. Simply rinse, soak and serve. It can also act as a topping to many different dishes. Sprinkle it over your salad or poke bowl, steamed fish or even ramen to give an extra texture and burst of nutrients and flavour.

Head over to Meal Belly at Booth G9. They will be having free sampling and also demonstration on how to prepare the caviar. Plus, exclusive fair promotion is available.

Borrowdale Free Range Pork  (Booth F5)

It is not just the cow anymore. There is a growing demand for free range poultry as it seems healthier due to their natural habitat. In pork, one big issue is fat quality and this comes directly from their diet. As such, the best quality pork comes from pigs free to roam and wallow outdoors where they can get all their natural food from berries, leaves, nuts and fruits.

Raised in a stress-free environment, with the freedom to roam the green pasture, Borrowdale delivers a modern take on traditionally farmed pork, bringing the highest standards of ethical pork production. It’s free range pork allows you to take on superior flavour and tenderness of pork. That matches their tagline: Rediscover the real taste of pork.

Without any moisture infusion or added hormones, Borrowdale tastes just simply fantastic. In this Food and Beverage Fair 2017, Alternative Selection not only brings you the best tasty Borrowdale pork, they will be giving away 2 packs of Pork Shabu Shabu (150g) and 1 premium cooler bag (worth $26) with purchase over $88 of Borrowdale pork. There will be also free sampling over at their booth, showcasing the best of the Borrowdale pork.

You can find Borrowdale pork over at Booth F5. Also, watch out for our Straits Time publication (date to be advised) as they are giving away free packet of Pork Shabu Shabu and a premium cooler bag (worth $18). Simply trade in your old cooler bag and present the cut-out coupon. Limited to the first 100 redemption daily.

The Beer Authority (Booth J21)

Happy hours never end! Now you can have all the craft beer you can find from around the world deliver straight to your door steps. If you are bored with the local variety of beer, the Beer Authority brings you a wide selection of craft beer, including those you may not have heard of. Check out the following:

This beer is easy-drinking, refreshing, light and yet complex with citrusy hoppy notes.
4.8% Alc
Cocoa Wonderland
A natural mocha malt flavoured beer with the additions of real chocolate to the maturation process. Limited seasonal beer only available in this season. 
6.8% Alc

Brothers Toffee Apple
Deliciously blends cream soda and smoldering toffee. The cider of choice for those who don’t do normal cider and perfect all year round.
4% Alc

The Beer Authority will be at Food and Beverage Fair 2017 selling these craft beers and there are many more to be mention. Not only this, you can also enjoy 15% OFF their usual beer subscription rate during the show. Check them out at Booth J21.

Stay tune to our next episode of new featured exhibitors!


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