Exhibitors looking for B2B Opportunities with:

Distributors, Resellers, Retailers,

and others including:

Hotel & Restaurant Operators, Cafe Operators, Corporate Catering, Supermarket/ Minimart Operators, Office Supplies Purchasers, Franchisees

Please visit the following booths to find out more.




3 Kays

D19 3 Kay’s


Instant macoroni & fusilli

Alternative Selection

F5 Ryan’s Grocery


Premium, organic and free range meat Items

Banyi Marketing

F17 EL Malaysia

Brown rice beverage & Cereal beverage

Beacons Pharmaceutical H9 Beacons Singapore

Health supplements

Causeway Pacific

G9 Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Crispy fish skin snacks and Hong Kong steamboat specialities

All About Goodness

K30 Dooraeone Korea

Korean Citron tea, Honey Tea, Healthy Yam meal & Aronia

Ding Dong Shake

N9 Ding Dong Shake Singapore Fresh Coconut, Coconut oil, dessert and beverage

Eat Healthy / FEG Holding

G25 Eat Healthy Singapore

Packed soup

Everwellness A22 Genlife/Jointwell Singapore

Oat products, soy milk and milk powder

Fruitee Hut

A28 Fruitee Hut Singapore Avocado and fruit blends

GoodMorning Group

C7 VGrains Malaysia

Health beverage

Hasutomi G5 Hasutomi Korea

Korean honey ginseng roots , black garlic & sea cucumber


G5 Hsu’s USA

Ginseng Tea

Hi Trading

A21 Dongwon Yangban Korea

Canned Tuna, Canned Kimchi, Ready to cook porridge, ready to cook rice

Hua Tien G14 NEO Singapore

Korean snacks

Kee Song

E3 Kee Song Singapore

Premium frozen chicken

Kwong Woh Hing Sauce

D21 Signature Delicacies Singapore

Singapore flavours traditional sauce


A1 Pacific West Singapore Frozen seafood
Peach Flavors M21 Peach Flavors Greece

Canned peaches

Senescence Life Sciences

M8 Senescence Life Sciences Canada Brain health supplements
The Brandz Lab A8 Jin Man Tang Taiwan

Brown sugar ginger tea

Vege Story

P14 Vege Story Taiwan Vegetarian Food Products
Vege Story P14 Kiwi Maxi New Zealand

Deer Placenta


A22a Eva’s Nougat Malaysia Homemade nougats and goodies
HS Biz / Everything Good SG N25 Everything Good Singapore

Healthy Pastilles

G Chop Pte Ltd

B27 G Chop Taiwan Fried chicken wings and fried chicken cutlets

Kim Cham Place International Co Ltd

B7 Kim Cham Taiwan Citronella essential oil
Fu Li Hi-Technology Co., Ltd B23 EZO Taiwan

Ginger cream

Li-Jiain Enterprise Co., Ltd

E13 Li-Chien Taiwan Oat cereal

Ta yu Food Ent Co., Ltd

E14 Lao Tai Yang Tang Taiwan Traditional pineapple cakes
Chuan Bor Food Co., Ltd E14 Chuan Bor Taiwan

Black bean sauce and soy sauce

Felixmedia Taiwan Ltd Co (Mr Turmeric)

G11 Mr Turmeric Taiwan Turmeric drink
Teanacent International Co., Ltd M6 TeaNacent Taiwan

Specialty tea leaves

Pu Chi Yuan International Enterprise

P16 Pu Chi Foods Taiwan Natural healthy foods
Oppo International Enterprise P1 Hao Yi Zhan Hong Kong

Healthy Korean snacks

Wingko Trading Company

P2 Xi Yue Hong Kong Traditional bottled sauces
Tak Lee Company P5-P6 Hong Guang Xing Hong Kong

African sea coconut

Ming Fung (Lok Keen) International Development Ltd F23 Ming Fung Look Keen Hong Kong

Yam noodle