New Exhibitors: Hand Crafted Massecuite, Fresh Oysters, Pastries!

Series 2! Sugar crystals with a dash of ginger, sumptuous seafood, and desserts to die for! These are the series 2 highlights from our new exhibitors for the upcoming Food and Beverage Fair 2017 next month. Let the mouth-watering begin!

Giveaway: Be&Cheery – Party Snack Gift Bag from Xin Yi Pte Ltd

Giveaway Period: 18 March ~ 22 March Xin Yi Pte Ltd brings you one of the world’s best nuts brand in China – Be&Cheery! The highly ranked nuts brand in China is now in Food and Beverage Food Fair 2017, and we are giving a FULL bag filled with all delicious and crunchy nuts! Gift […]