Get Snacking at World Food Fair 2017 this September!

Singapore is a nation known for its love of food, and at World Food Fair 2017, there will be a plethora of delicacies from around the world available for all to sample and purchase. While there are selections of beverages, desserts, and ready-to-eat edibles for you to choose from, one of the favourites has to be the different snacks on display, get ready to munch on-the-go as we showcase some of the snacks available at World Food Fair 2017!

Farmer’s Selection Banana Chips (Booth F19)

Farmer’s Selection is all about natural, preservative free snacks, and they will be selling the delicious Banana Chips at their booth for all healthy foodies! With three flavours – Toasted Seaweed, Spicy BBQ, and Corn Cheese – ready to be brought home, these chips are also non-GMO, gluten free, contains no MSG, trans fat, cholesterol and is made using 100% bran rice oil. Snack healthy with one pack of the Banana Chips going for just $2.50 (three for $7, five for $10)!

Hua Tien Congjolmi & Crispy Roll (Booth G14)

Image credited to @twofatkids

Hua Tien’s brand of Korean goodies are definitely a highlight, as they would be launching their new and exclusive flagship product, the Congjolmi, with two flavours, Banana and Green Tea. Gluten free and made from soybean flour, these Korean crispy rice cakes are bound to be a hit for all ages. Hua Tien has also added a new flavour, Cream Cheese, to their Crispy Roll line, tiny bites that you can bring everywhere.

Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms (Booth C23)

Say goodbye to junk food, Uncle Saba wants you to turn to his famous Poppadoms, made with all-natural lentils! With four times the protein, three times the fibre, 40% less carbs and 30% less saturated fats than the average chip, Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms are the way to go. Choose from the following flavours – Original, Tomato, BBQ, and Sweet Chilli – and snack away! At World Food Fair 2017, take advantage of our promotions so you can buy 4 and get 1 free for just $6 (50gm) or buy 3 and get 1 free at $7 (70gm)!

Lotte Confectionery PEPERO & Soft Cakes (Booth F14)

Seoul’s Lotte Confectionery has been a mainstay locally for their tasty snacks, and they will be bringing both PEPERO sticks and soft cakes to World Food Fair 2017! Get ready to tuck into the flavourful soft cakes in both Choco Pie and Custard Cake flavours, or snack on PEPERO sticks! The available choices are Choco Cookie, Choco, White Cookie, Nude, and Almond, enough to satisfy even the most ardent of fans.

Hao Yi Zhan Vegetable Chips (Booth P1)

Utilising the latest low-temperature vacuum dehydration techniques from Korea, Hao Yi Zhan has transformed humble vegetables into appetizing Vegetable Chips! Making their debut in Singapore, these chips are preservatives-free and are healthy alternatives to the usual chips you can get locally. Head on down to Booth P1 at World Food Fair 2017 and get yourself some Vegetable Chips!



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