Korea Gyeongnam is here to combine Great Taste with Healthy Benefits – First time in Show!

Korea is increasingly one of the more popular destinations for tourists in Asia, with a Korean wave sweeping over the region. Korea food is not the new kid anymore. We have seen many Korea food on the shelf, even in Fairprice and it is known that Korean emphasize on healthy eating and living through the Korean diet. So what makes this fair so special is, we bring their healthy food that you cannot find in the supermarket, right to you at Yummy Food Expo. They are the specialities from Gyeongnam, a province near the west of Busan. Here’s some of the highlights:

IQ Energy Bar & An Si Dang 110

Boost your energy levels for the many hours you will spend at the expo with IQ Energy Bar, made with tasty granola and all natural ingredients. If you need more fibre and antioxidants in your diet, grab a sachet of An Si Dang 110, an artichoke drink that is as easy to prepare as it is beneficial!


Green Linolenic Acid Omega-3 capsules & Cynanchum Wilfordii Hemsley Extract

For the ladies and gentlemen who are into keeping yourself fit and ensuring your cholesterol is in check, you can check out  Cynanchum Wilfordii Hemsley Extract. It comes in a convenient and portable package, and can be easily consumed during your daily routine. Combine that with Sananddul’s Green Linolenic Acid Omega-3 capsules and make yourself even stronger and healthier!

Find them at Booth G15

Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) Ingredient Pack & Insan Bamboo Salt

Agricultural Corporation GAGOPA-HEALINGFOOD Co., Ltd brings one of the most sought-after food items from the Korean diet to YUMMY FOOD EXPO 2017. The Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) Ingredient Pack will make preparing the Korean delicacy an easier process with all the ingredients pre-packed for you. If you wanted a more savoury taste for your samgyetang or any other dishes, Insan Bamboo Salt’s 3X Roasted Bamboo Salt will do wonders. Add a pinch of 3X Roasted Bamboo Salt and instantly taste the difference!

Find it at Booth H15

Balloon Flower Pear Juice

Need a thirst-quencher after walking around YUMMY EXPO 2017? Slow Food has you covered with their Balloon Flower Pear Juice, simply tear a open small opening, stick a straw in the packet, and start drinking in the sweet and refreshing pear juice.

Find it at Booth H17

Fruit Chips & Aloe Honey Tea

For even more fruity goodness, visit Ecomommeal for their brand of Fruit Chips. With flavours like pear, apple, and strawberry, every packet contains appetizing chips that will be a hit with those that want healthy snacks. If having too much succulent food at the Expo gives you a sore throat, then soothe it with Aloe Farm’s delectable Aloe Honey Tea! Cultivated on Geoje Island, Korea, the honey and aloe vera are free from pesticide and 100% natural, the soothing properties of both ingredients are perfect for the warm weather of Singapore.

Find it at Booth H19

Korea Traditional Original Noodles & Almond Cookies

Look out for Upobiofood’s Korea Traditional Original Noodles and Shin Hwa Dang Confectionery Co.’s Almond Cookies. The all-natural noodles are not only easy to prepare for any noodle dish, but are springy and great tasting! The Almond Cookies come in packets, and perfect for snacking on-the-go and sharing among your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Find it at Booth H16

They will be there for 4 days and apart from promoting their healthy snacks and drinks, they will be meeting interested Trade Buyers at Booth G17 during Food expo 22- 25 Jun 2017. Kindly contact leejin0910@gmail.com or +65 8646 2521 to arrange a meeting slot.

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