Get Your Fill of Taiwanese Delights at Yummy Food Expo 2017

You cannot bring up good and delicious food around Asia without mentioning the many delights of Taiwan, however, other than the usual street eats, at YUMMY FOOD EXPO 2017, you will be able to find many other unique Taiwanese offerings. Here are some interesting items on display!

Nan Shan Tea Garden 南山茶园

With over three generations’ worth of experience in growing and brewing tea, Nan Shan Tea Garden is a tea lover’s dream come true. Five distinct flavours of tea will be on display at YUMMY FOOD EXPO 2017, and will be available at a special price just for patrons of the exhibition!

Niu Shi Fu 牛师傅

Visitors craving for a sweet and chewy treat will not want to miss out on Niu Shi Fu’s brand of delicious nougats. Located at the same booth as Nan Shan Tea Garden, the colourful and unique nougats are made with a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology, and will most certainly leave you wanting more with each bite.

Find both Nan Shan Tea Garden and Niu Shi Fu at Booth B15

Li-Chien 俪健

If the usual breakfast food is more up your alley, head over to Li-Chien where you can find their range of healthy cereal for your daily consumption. Established since 2005, Li-Chien has made the health of its consumers their main mission, and is popular in places like Korea, Hong Kong, and their home country Taiwan. With several flavours of cereals to choose from, perhaps you will find your perfect breakfast food with Li-Chien’s selection of cereal.

Find it at Booth B17

Chuan Bor 川伯

Looking for the most authentic of sauces? Look no further than Chaun Bor at Booth C16. Despite technological improvements coupled with increasing demands, the proprietor of Chuan Bor remains loyal to the traditional methods and maintaining the high standards of their black bean and soy sauce. With a stellar regional reputation, Chuan Bor’s sauces are not to be missed.

Find it at Booth C16

Wan Jin Yu 万金游

For snacks, dried fruits can be both tasty and extremely easy to carry around, and you should look no further than Wan Jin Yu. With no added sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives, these Taiwan Dried Fruits are made from authentic Taiwanese fruits and baked to perfection. A must-try for those of you who want a healthy but tasty snack.

Find it at Booth D7

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