10 Must-Eat Food in Yummy Food Expo 2017 – Sweet, Spicy and Everything nice!

Once again, the food-loving people of Singapore have reasons to rejoice. Yummy Food Expo 2017 will be happening soon, so block out those dates, get hungry, and start digging in!

Held at Singapore Expo Hall 5 from June 22 to 25, this FREE food bonanza will play host to culinary delights from all over the region. Expect discounts, lucky draws, and more importantly, delicious food wherever you are at Yummy Food Expo 2017.

Without further ado, here are the 10 MUST-EAT FOOD for the event.

1. Frozt Pops!

Yes, you got that right, desserts can be healthy too! Made with 100% real fruits and juices, and with no preservatives or nasty artificial flavouring or colouring, feel free to give in to your sweet tooth with seven different flavours.

Find it at: Booth B27

2. Shabu Burger

Be it beef or chicken, if you are a big fan of burgers, do not miss out on the deliciousness awaiting you at Shabu Burger! Witness the fresh preparation of your burgers as the aroma of smoky chicken slices, perfectly cooked rib eye beef, and the secret sauces mix together into a unstoppable siren call for all meat lovers.

Find it at: Booth B27

3. Four Treasures Oysters

Back for seconds after the Singapore Food and Beverage Fair 2017, Oyster Lah will once more bring their popular and fresh oysters to the crowds at Yummy Food Expo 2017! The delectable selection of Thai Chilli, Garlic, Butter, and Original oysters will satisfy any seafood connoisseurs. There is also talk of a new flavour launching, drop by and food out what it is!

Find it at: Booth E21

4. Coconut Tom Yam


Ever had spicy Tom Yum Soup served in a coconut husk? Now you can with Ding Dong Shake’s Coconut Tom Yum “YA Hun Kuey”! The tangy Tom Yum Soup coupled with “Ya Hun Kuey” (coconut meat) is delicious and flavorful, spicy-loving foodies should definitely try out this unique concoction.

Find it at: Booth N21

5. Durian Bomb

The King of Fruits is a favourite among many people, but you have never had one quite like the Durian Bomb. Not only do you get the luscious D24 durian flesh, but also a crispy glutinous rice shell to go with it, better get here fast before it is all sold out!

Find it at: Booth C23

6. Fatt Fatt Piah

The magic of the popular Fatt Fatt Piah (发发饼) is not the crispy golden casing outside, it’s that mix of savoury and sweet inside. Made with malt sugar, and either yellow bean, lotus, or a combination of red and green beans, it’s a combination best savoured with a cup of kopi.

Find it at: Booth N26

7. Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream Puffs

Another durian treat not to be missed are the delightful Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream Puffs from Four Seasons Durians. Light and fluffy, the confectioneries are made from 100% pure D24 durians. They are delicious, handy to carry around, and make for an interesting Instagram subject.

Find it at: Booth F23

8. Kong Guan Truffle Mushroom Bao

Shaped like a bao, looks like a giant mushroom! The latest Truffle Mushroom Baos from Kong Guan taste uniquely succulent as they look. Packed with enough filling to satisfy any foodie, you must certainly have a taste of these gourmet baos at Yummy Food Expo 2017.

Find it at: Booth A28

9. EMO Fries

Emo Fries, contrary to their name, are anything but sad! Touted to be the “world’s longest fries” and available in 7 different flavours, they are fried to a golden, crispy brown for maximum pleasure. We recommend trying out the Wasabi and Golden Cheezy flavours, you will not regret it!

Find it at: Booth N3

10. Large and Crispy Squid

The fried squid is always a favourite amongst Singaporeans, and it is a well-deserved accolade. UYI’s Savoury Squids, however, are on a whole other level. The large, crispy squids are almost as large as a person’s head, and taste great with the 6 different toppings to choose from. Get your squid cravings satisfied with UYI!

Find it at: Booth N13

Yummy Food Expo 2017 – More attractive prizes and activities

  • Stand to win up to $3,888 in cash* – Simply cut out the lucky draw coupons found in major newspapers during 20 to 25 June. Drop it into the lucky draw box in front of the organizer’s office. No purchased required!
  • 168 Lucky Number Draw –  Win $168 cash prizes and attractive product prizes everyday at 4pm! More details on Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao from 16 to 24 June.
  • Instant Win Lucky Dip – Be sure to head to SPH Subscription Booth K10 & K12 to win some great prizes!
  • Free Handy Trolley* – Redeem a Free Trolley when you spend over $100 with selected merchants who issue official receipts. Limited to first 250 redemptions daily.

*More terms and conditions can be found at organizer’s office.

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