Shabu Burger and Frozt Pops: The Best of Both World for an entrée and a dessert.

When it comes to food, being spoilt for choice is usually the best-case scenario, it is even better if you can have them all! Meat, buns, and that oh-so-special sauce is all you need to have a good time, you are guaranteed to an explosion of yummy flavour when you visit Shabu Burger! Why stop there, complete your journey to food nirvana by visiting Frozt Ice Pops for some delicious and fruity frozen desserts. Interested? Read on!

Shabu Burger –  Burgers with a twist

The burger joint comes to us via Whats That Food Enterprise, a company whose humble beginnings as a pasar malam store soon developed into a full-fledged FnB business. For founders Lee Tong Hong and Denny Lai, both graduates from At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy, Whats That Food Enterprise is the culmination of their dreams to run their own business, and doing what they love most.

Our motto, “Connecting people through food”, came about when we were discussing how we want this business to move ahead. And graduating from a culinary school, we gained a lot of knowledge regarding food, hence, giving us the urge to share more with our customers. We want to let them know more about food through us.

~Whats That Food Enterprise founders, Lee Tong Hong & Dennis Lai

At Yummy Food Expo 2017, they will be bringing the delectable Chicken Shabu Burger with Citrus Herb Sauce as well as the Beef Shabu Burger with Cheese Sauce to please your taste buds! With smoky chicken slices, special seasoning, freshly cut lettuce topped with caramelized onion, not to forget the homemade citrus herb sauce, the Chicken Shabu burger will be a hot favourite among burger aficionados. Same goes for the Beef Shabu burger, with 100% thinly sliced ribeye beef, seasoning, caramelized onion and the not-to-missed cheese sauce, it should not be missed! If you think the burgers are not prepared freshly, fret not, for the cooking will be done at the booth itself, ensuring every burger is freshly cooked to perfection. Meat lovers, do not miss out on Shabu Burger!

Frozt Pops! – Fruity Desserts that pop in your mouth!

If you are not looking for a heavy bite, but rather a sweet treat instead, just pop by Frozt Ice Pops, located just adjacent to Shabu Burger. These frozen delights are made from 100% real fruits and juices, with no added preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring. Not only are Frozt Pops a healthier choice, they will do wonders for the inevitable warm conditions due to the crowd at Yummy Food Expo 2017. With seven different flavours for you to choose and an attractive price to boot, here are some of our editors’ favourites from a wide collection:

Avocado – The power fruit that has been a staple of health nuts is now available in frozen form! A creamy and silky texture with a slight hint of sweetness comes with every bite, there is also even a subtle pinch of gula melaka for your sweet tooth.

Peach – Made with 100% fresh peach fruits/juice, not only is there a fragrance to the Frozt Pops, the tantalizing taste of the peach will leave a sweet taste that lingers in the mouth after eating it. Rich in vitamins, the peach flavoured Frozt Pops is great for an after-meal treat.

Yuzu Longan – Containing antioxidants, the yuzu fruit is already great on its own, add the longan into the mix and you have a tasty and invigorating concoction waiting to be consumed. Sweet and succulent, the Yuzu Longan combination will leave you craving for more.

The other flavours available for your taste buds are Durian, Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, and Watermelon

Going for only $4 per Frozt Pop, you can get even more for lesser a price. Get three for $10 and ten for $30, these desserts are great for any occasion, especially when the weather gets hot on our sunny island. The kind folks at Frozt Pops will be giving away three sets of Frozt Bundles (each bundle contains 20 assorted flavours) on the Singapore Food Shows Facebook page from 22 May to 26 May. Do visit and stand a chance to win yourself some good treats!

Where to get them?

Yummy Food Expo 2017

Singapore Expo Hall 5, Booth B27

June 22 to 25, 11am to 10pm daily

Free Admission


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