5 Booths Not to be Missed for Baked Goodies

D23 Annabella Patisserie

When it comes to baked sweets, the visually appealing macarons are always amongst the top of the list. From the bright colours, the whiff of sweetness, to that tasty filling, the colourful array of macarons over at Annabella Patisserie will satisfy both your sweet tooth and be worthy of the Instagram photo to represent your day at the fair. A special alcohol macaron is also available for sale! Get 6 pieces of these delightful macarons for a discounted price of $10! There are also plenty of French and Japanese inspired pastries like tarts, éclairs, and brownies if you prefer a more substantial treat. If you spend more than $30, you can also bring home a super adorable macaron cushion (38cm) to remind you of the sweet memories of these goodies!

A26 Belgaufra Waffles

The aroma of a freshly baked waffle is a mesmerising scent, it is even better when said waffles are made from authentic ‘Liege Waffles’ or waffle dough balls, direct from Belgium! With their secret recipe, the family owned Belgaufra has been producing waffle dough that is claimed to be “probably the best since 1950,” and we can hardly argue against that. A mix of premium, European ingredients (wheat flour, yeast, pearl sugar from Belgium beetroots) combine to create a culinary experience that is second to none. Pair it up with a ice cold scoop of gelato and chocolate, and you are in a for a treat, do not just take our word for it, visit A26 and try it out for yourself!

K25 8Tarts and Pastries

If local fare is more your taste, then 8Tarts and Pastries should do well to fill that gap. First founded in 2002, this local brand has “authentic, traditional Asian pastries that are made with healthier ingredients with less sugar, fat, and cholesterol,” perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative! The baked goods also do not contain preservatives, pork, nor lard, and what ties it all together is the fact that they are all freshly baked, maintaining their freshness and taste to the last pastry. With a variety of tarts, pies, and buns to choose from, there is plenty for everyone at 8Tarts and Pastries!

B23/27 Baker’s Oven

Going even further back, Baker’s Oven started as a small factory in 1996. 19 years on and thousands of tasty baked goodies served, it has established itself as one of the most successful and most innovative entity in the local bakery industry. Baker’s Oven will be bringing their delectable array of Portuguese tarts, Black Pepper Chicken Pies, Tuna Pies, and Apple Pies and many others to the fair. As a thank-you to all the support over the years, all these goodies will be going for only $1 each, a perfect value for consumers to get the most bang for one’s buck.

G5 Sin-Nagoyaki

Head over to Booth G5 and sample some of the delicious and adorable Japanese ‘O’ cakes from Sin-Nagoyaki! With the looks of a donut but the texture of a cake, there are plenty of flavours to choose, giving you a taste of all seasons when you bite into these thick and scrumptious pastries. Also available are Japanese Momiji, confectionaries that bear a resemblance to moon cakes. These maple-shaped treats are created using automated technology, and come stuffed with great tasting fillings. Red bean, white chocolate, pineapple, there’s even more to choose from at the fair. Make sure you do not miss out on getting a boxful of these Japanese snacks when you visit the Food and Beverage fair 2017!

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