Spotlight: All about Taiwan Goodness

The country’s iconic night markets and street food are popular for their tastiness and value and here are some goodies from the island nation that you can have as much as you want, at the Taiwan Pavilion Food and Beverage Fair 2017!

Looking for a healthy, nutritious and 100% natural snack? Look no further than Dorothy Mushroom (Booth P12), where you can get a bonus “Mushroom Gift Box” whenever you purchase their Special Winter Mushrooms!

For more punch in the flavour department, Jen Hau Wei Food (Booth P16)’s two variations of fish floss is sure to tantalise your taste buds. The Tainan Feng Mu Fish Floss and Golden Flag Fish Floss are both available at the fair, do try it out, especially if you are a big fan of some fish goodness.

Li-Chien (Booth P19) is also part of the healthy movement with their brand of cereal and soups. A bowl of Milk-flavored Oat Cereal will get you off to a great start in the morning, and both the Germ Rice Soup and Wheat Bran and Pine Nut Soup are great ways to cap off a meal. Tasty and healthy, what more could you ask for?

All on the beverage front, there are also plenty of choices. First up is SuPerfix (Booth P14), where their Jing Xian Lian Yang Sheng Cha can be tasted and purchased. It’s claim to fame is that of Taiwan’s national treasure, tea-wise, and is supposed to aid in bringing a balance to your health. Easy to brew using traditional or modern methods, the Jing Xian Lian Yang Sheng Cha is great for the modern family, and you can get an additional box of 10 packets for every box of 60 you purchase!

For a more convenient way of quenching your thirst and fighting off sore throats, you can get yourself a sweet cup of Concentrated Kumquat Juice with Dried Tangerine Pee at Taker (Booth P11). Authentic and produced in Taiwan, you can also have a drink of the refreshing Concentrated Houseleek Juice, perfect when you have been exploring the fair and feeling thirsty.

The Taiwan Pavilion also has a large selection of specialty teas for consumers to sample. Besteashop (Booth D5) will be having promotional prices for both the Brown Sugar Ginger Tea ($15 for one, $38 for 3) and the Kopi Drip Coffee ($25 for one, $65 for 3). The Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is known to have a strong and fragrant aroma, a distinct taste that it will be hard to find elsewhere, so do check it out.

Taiwan Nan Shan Tea Garden (Booth P15) will offer three series of teas, starting with the English-style Earl Grey, Osmanthus-scented Earl Grey, and Ruby Earl Grey ($30 for 100g). The Easy-Preparation series includes the Rose Green Tea, Xuan Mi Green Tea, Bi Luo Chun Green Tea, Ai Li Shan Oolong Tea and Mi Xiang Jin Xuan Cha. These will be selling at $18 per bag, with three bags costing only $50! Last but not least, you can purchase the Taiwan Gold Osmanthus tea at a special price of $30 per 40g.

With plenty more to look forward to at the Food and Beverage Fair 2017, take some time out to explore the Taiwan Pavilion, you will surely find something you want!

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